For the Roots of Music

Because I am in need of a place to share a film for Sustainable Communities, a planning course at the School of Architecture, I include here my only non-Systems, Sites, and Building post.  The film documents my studio’s trip to New Orleans this past September, where we met with the Roots of Music, a non-profit music education program in need of a larger facility to accommodate the high number of students currently on their waiting list.

For the correct video size, press the button immediately to the left of the Vimeo logo, then play, and then turn off scaling at the top right once full screen has been entered.


3 thoughts on “For the Roots of Music

  1. Great job Jack!
    You may consider editing the titles to give places their formal names. For example instead of using the shortened “Wheatley School” designation we use among ourselves you should write “[Former] Phillis Wheatley Elementary School”. Also I don’t know a lot about film terminology but you may want something like a title page that says “The Roots of Music” and another one that says “New Orleans, Louisiana”. Also, if you have Derrick Tabb talking on video it would be good to insert some content with him in it. Finally, a link to the Roots of Music website at the end would be great for people interested in learning more information.
    I am going to be famous!

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