Thermal Experiences of the Bike Hub

Assignment 4 – Part 2 (Schematic Design for Bike/Bus Hub)

In order to begin designing a bus-bike transfer/meeting area outside Alderman Library, we looked initially at the programmatic needs for the space to help determine a way in which we might look at designing differently, attempting to keep in mind the thermal and other conditions of the built environment and how to respond to such conditions.  As mentioned in an earlier post, we felt as though it would be important to include a series of showers and lockers for those who commute by bike to campus – as well as below grade bike storage – to accommodate the on-street bike racks and bus stop.  Because of the location, we recognized immediately that if any structure was to be sited in such a central, historic location, it would either need to be small or placed underground.  In what we hope is an approach that somewhat mirrors Phillipe Rahm, we looked primarily at the thermal conditions for the hub as a result – a hub with an interior moderated by ground temperatures and featuring both hot and cold showers to address the needs of the visitors.

To investigate this and its coordination with the above-ground components, the bus stop and bike racks, I first looked at the imagined thermal experiences of a variety of people who might use the hub, followed by an exploration of its arrangement and form.

Thermal Experiences of Visitors to Hub

Initial Diagrams for Hub and Site


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