Solar Geometry for Bus/Bike Meeting Place (McCormick Road at Peabody Hall)

Assignment 4 – Part 1

Charles, Nicole, and I have decided to locate our bus/bike meeting space adjacent to the axis between the entrance to Peabody Hall, the Calder sculpture, and the entrance to Hotel C.  With a slight embankment and good tree cover, the site will be well shaded during the summer months, but should allow for storing and releasing heat during the colder months – possibly through the use of a material with good thermal retention capabilities and/or a means to access steady ground temperatures through the embankment.

An additional consideration is that of creating a bike hub, a place for students and employees to store their bikes and potentially shower before going to class or work, as was suggested in our workshop.  It seems that this site is both excellent and extremely contentious in this regard: it is very central to campus and would therefore be a convenient location to place such a structure; however, it is very central to campus, and its historic center, and may therefore prove much more difficult to include at such a high profile location.  Perhaps an underground structure is needed, one which parallels the Special Collections Library, thereby providing ample space for storage and showers – and a steady climatic environment – while limiting visual impact on the quasi-historic site.

Solar Diagram of McCormick Site


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